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    buck and baa sustainable baby clothing


    Mother Earth is our home girl. 

    Here at Buck & Baa we are doing our best to make sure we don't have a negative impact on our planet. We make all of our business decisions based on the environment and how our choices can make ripples in our immediate and broad surroundings.

    As individuals and as a business, every choice we make has an impact around us.

    Our vision for Buck & Baa is to have an environmentally and sustainable baby and young children’s clothing brand. We are very passionate about the fibres we choose, the products we utilise and the businesses we work with to create our clothing and packaging.

    A lot of research is conducted before choosing manufacturing partners to work with and we want to make sure we weren’t part of the fast fashion problem in our society.

    We try to have a very light footprint on our earth. We have ZERO plastic around our clothing and we wrap all orders in noissue’s sustainable tissue paper and send all parcels in plant based bags.

    When our clothing arrives from our manufacturing partners, it is boxed in cardboard and one layer of protective plant based wrap is used to protect our clothing on it's journey - it means a bit more admin work behind the scenes with sorting, but it's well worth it when we are helping protect our environment from excess and harmful packaging.

    We want to have a small environmental footprint and we want to look back and be proud of the choices we have made as a business.

    • All of our paper products are printed responsibly In New Zealand and Australia from recycled papers, this includes our wrapping tissue, promotional cards and printing paper.
    • We use plant based mailing bags for all orders which can be composted, or recycled cardboard boxes for larger orders.
    • Our clothing is made from organic fibers which means they lack chemicals in the growing and manufacturing process - this is very important to us with creating a sustainable and eco-friendly growing system
    • We have a small workshop space with a low environmental footprint, we don't use heaters or cooling systems. We do use a dehumidifier on rainy days to protect our clothing.
    • Our clothing is shipped to us in cardboard boxes with ONE layer of plant based wrap to protect our clothing in transport. We do not have single bags around each garment like most companies.

    We love mother earth and we are here to help protect her.


    buck and baa - sustainable baby clothing