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    How does bamboo become the incredibly soft fibre used in Buck & Baa Bamboo Baby range?

    Organically Grown

    The bamboo used in our clothing is from 100% organically gown plants. There are no pesticides, no nasty chemicals or fertilisers and bamboo crops have a low water consumption and use only natural rain water without irrigation

    Harvesting the Bamboo

    Bamboo plants are one of the fastest growing plants and can grow one metre in a day, to harvest; the shoots are cut into chunks of raw bamboo. 

    Processing the Fibres

    • The harvested bamboo is soaked in a softening solution to help soften the shoots.
    • This is all done in a closed loop system, so the water is recycled.
    • Solvents are removed to ensure the process is as eco-friendly as the bamboo fibre itself.
    • It is then dehydrated so it's easier to extract the pulp from the shoots and laid flat to dry naturally.
    • Once dry, the soft, feathery material is then spun into a yarn that are used to knit our garments.

    The End Result

    The final outcome is naturally beautiful fabric that is incredibly soft and stretchy.

    Since bamboo is classified as a grass, it is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass, it can grow up to one metre in 24 hours and does not require replanting after harvesting due to the development of a vast root network.

    The antimicrobial properties of bamboo means there is no need for pesticides and fertilisers.


    The bamboo fibre that is used to make Buck & Baa's clothing has been certified and tested for harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex Standard 100: