Summer 18/19 Updates


Pre-sales are welcome from 10 November 2018

Shipping updates:

DELAY: I have been informed this morning that goods are delayed because of Diwali celebrations and all companies close down for 7-10 days (which unfortunately includes all freight companies). 
Goods are leaving India on the 30 November on air freight courier. 

Stockists goods will be packaged and couriered within 24 hours of goods arriving and I will have them express shipped to you. 


Stockists are welcome to pre-sale Buck & Baa stock no earlier than the 10th of November. 

Buck & Baa will offer this range as pre-sale on the 10th of November (we will open orders at 8pm). You are welcome to beat us to it and open them in the morning so you get the exciting first sales. 

Because of the delay in shipment, we do encourage stores to wait until stock is officially on it's way to us, but this is completely up to you. We wish that we knew about the Diwali celebrations causing a delay, as we have already advertised the release date we will still pre-sell the range and you're welcome to join us!  


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REMINDER: Please make sure your invoice balance is paid by the end of November. 

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