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    Arrival/Launch Date of Spring/Summer 19/20

    We are expecting to ship out wholesale orders for this range LATE September


    Update 2 October: The first stock boxes will be heading out the door on Friday. The rest will be sent on Monday/Tuesday. 

    Please note: If you have not paid for your stock, your order is not confirmed and I cannot guarantee it will be held for you.

    Launch Date: WEDNESDAY 9 OCTOBER @ 11am (NZST)

    Stockists who have their stock before this date may have it in store as soon as it arrives, but please do not launch it online until Wednesday 9 October - International stockists may not have their stock by this date so you are welcome to open pre-orders on the Wednesday - your stock will be well on it's way (If not already arrived) by this day. 

    Look Book 

    You will find our look book here (Via it is best viewed full screen on the computer. 


    All photos and product descriptions can be found via dropbox here