About Us

Buck and Baa is a New Zealand based company bringing you ethically produced organic cotton and merino wool baby and children's wear. Our merino collection is made right here in New Zealand and our organic cotton range is kindly made by our partners in India under fair trade terms and conditions.

We believe babies should have natural, pesticide free fibres close to their delicate skin so our philosophy is comfortable, play and sleep worthy clothing made from pure and natural fibres.

Why do we choose organic cotton?

Traditional cotton crops makes up 15-25% of the worlds insecticides and pesticides, which means we are dressing our children in clothing that can potentially harm them. Baby’s skin is thinner and more porous than adult skin and it absorbs chemicals more efficiently than ours does. Choosing organic clothing for your children can help reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals that their skin absorbs. If you choose organic clothing you know you are choosing a safer, more eco conscious product.

Why do we choose merino wool?

Merino wool has plenty of highly desirable properties that make it an excellent choice for children’s clothing. It is produced in New Zealand using environmentally safe practices – merino clothing is a completely natural, breathable and warm fabric. It’s the perfect fibre to help regulate baby’s temperature and is a smart hypoallergenic and sustainable choice when choosing baby clothing. Merino wool is biodegradable, renewable, and requires no pesticides. The growing is also fully sustainable and qualifies as fair trade as the farmer receives an agreed price for the fleece before it is shorn.

We take pride in our products and eco-conscious approach to babywear.

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You can contact us via the contact us page or at hello@buckandbaa.com and we will respond within 48 hours.